About distillates vartaj

Niasar of gardens, the gardens Ghamsar

Vrtaj, crown perfume and sweat Iran

Vrtaj as the sun rose.

Cool in the summer heat more than anything enjoyable drink syrups. Syrup industry sensitive to stomach discomfort such as pain and swelling in the stomach. Therefore, the best option is to use syrups that are prepared with a variety of herbal extracts. The drinks are also good aroma and taste and medicinal properties and are strengthening. Our country has long been the center of the preparation of herbal medicines. So here Imke tried to inform you, dear consumer, a summary of the properties of distillates collected from credible sources speak. We hope that you used to be.

It should be noted, despite having medicinal properties and strengthening distillates from overuse, and regardless of its properties refrain out, because the simultaneous use of some drugs with some of the distillates to vitiate the drug and the effect will be.

Forty sweating plant
thyme Extract
Citrus aurantium Extract
Salix Caprea Extract
Cinnamon Extract
Nettle Extract
Rose water
Cardamoms extract
Chicory Extract
Camel's thorn (Alhagi maurorm) Extract
Mint Extract
Apple vinegar
Sweat medicinal plants
Dill Extract
Ajowain (carom seed) Extract
Cumin Extract